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Frequently Asked Questions

I have had my Needs Assessment, how do I arrange support? 

To arrange support, please contact us at and we will discuss and allocate you a support worker. 

What is Specialist Mentoring? 


Specialist Mentoring is a type of support which addresses the barriers faced in education such as difficulties managing workload, finding motivation, social anxiety, building a support system. For more information click here

For more information head to 'more - types of support' page.

Where will my support be held? 

Support sessions depend on the type of support and your preferences. For support such as mentoring or study skills, these can be held in a confidential location such as home visits, remotely, or a booked university room. For note taking, support workers will attend lectures with you. For other types of support, location may vary or you can choose for them to be remote. Please contact us for more details. 

What are my options for support methods? Can I change them from time to time?


Support roles such as mentoring can be face to face or video call. Methods can be changed depending on your needs and availability but this must be discussed with your support worker in advance. 

Can I change my support worker at any time? 

Yes, if you do not feel your support worker suits you, please get in touch with a member of the team who will assist you with changing support workers 

For more questions/answers, please contact us


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