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Onyx Support provides a range of online learning within a range of sectors such as educational, health, social care and business. Additionally, we offer a variety of workshops to institutions and businesses, tailored to your organisation.


To help individuals get the most out of higher education and in the workplace, our experienced speakers deliver the following workshops to enable both students and employees to reach their potential. These courses can be studied at the individuals pace and upon completion will receive a certificate. Click the below images to view prices, times and to book online training. 


Sighted Guide CPD Training

Intermediate Electronic Note
Taking (VI/HI) CPD Training

Smiling Man on Laptop

Safeguarding Adults and Children
CPD Training

Maintaining Professional Boundaries CPD Training

Effective Lone Working CPD Training

Disability Awareness
CPD Training

Assistive Technology Training CPD Training


Understanding and Managing Depression CPD Training

Understanding and Managing Anxiety CPD Training

Intermediate Supporting ADHD and Autistic Students CPD Training

Understanding and Managing Borderline Personality Disorder CPD Training

How to Be Actively Anti-Racist
CPD Training

Positive Relationships and Endings in Health and Social
Care CPD Training

Specialist Mental Health
Mentoring CPD Training

Understanding and Managing
Bipolar Disorder CPD Training

Relaxation Techniques for
Mental Wellness CPD Training

Overcoming Loneliness
and Depression CPD Training

Please note, Onyx Student Support Ltd is affiliated with The CPD Check. We strictly adhere to all regulatory requirements, ensuring that no data is shared, and all processes are meticulously followed and unbiased to maintain the highest standards of compliance and data security.

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